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Community expectations of water and beach safety have dramatically increased in recent years, due in part to an increase in drowning death and injury in some countries. This expectation is also based on the fact that successful drowning prevention programs in developed countries such as Australia have demonstrated that a structured program underpinned by a philosophy of risk management can and does reduce drowning death and injury.


The vision of this program is to further develop water and beach related community health and safety in Brunei through effective risk management and community engagement.

The objectives of this program are:

  • To increase the awareness of water and beach safety of the local community and visitors to Brunei

  • To enhance water and beach safety through a risk management approach

  • To facilitate the provision of an effective beach safety service at targeted venues through well trained, experienced and supervised lifeguards

  • To operate the service to recognised international standards

  • To introduce lifesaving and ocean sports to enhance skills and to foster healthy activity and lifestyles

  • To introduce a range of education and training programs in schools and local communities

  • To leave a valuable community legacy for the people of Brunei and those who visit Brunei

  • To engender a spirit of community health, safety and harmony in Brunei

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International LifeSaving Federation
Royal Life Saving Society
  • Beach Bunch is now a member on November 2017

  • The International Life Saving Federation (ILS) is the world authority for drowning prevention, lifesaving and lifesaving sport.

  • ILS leads, supports and collaborates with national and international organizations engaged in drowning prevention, water safety, water rescue, lifesaving, lifeguarding and lifesaving sport.

  • Based in Belgium with 130 national life saving organizations.

  • Beach Bunch is now a member on December 2017

  • The Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) is a charity registered in the UK with the Charity Commission and is governed by Royal Charter.

  • RLSS leads various other organizations across different sectors to support communities in developing lifesaving education initiatives and drowning prevention programmes.

  • Based in UK with 27 Commonwealth countries with HRH Prince Michael of Kent as the Royal Patron

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