The classic Beach Bunch's Trail Challenge is now back for its 4th edition.

Not only will this race be part of the continuation of the Asia Trail Master series for the 3rd consecutive year, it has also now been officiated as part of the Pre-Qualifying Points required for Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB) under the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) for the 100km and 50km! We are both proud of this and aim to deliver this race according to international standards.
Registration is now open, please have a look at the details below!
A 30km category is also available for novice and intermediate trail runners to take part in the excitement of the Beach Bunch Trail Challenge!

A 10km FUN category is now added for the true beginner!

Registration fees are as follow:

  • 10km at BND35

  • 30km at BND65

  • 50km at BND100

  • 100km at BND130

UPDATES on 19th March

  • Provisional Results can be found here

  • Race Guide is now available for viewing at here

  • Starting List are now available here

  • 2017's BBTC Results can be found here

BBTC2018 100km Route Stats
BBTC2018 100km Services
100km Route Corrected
50km Route Corrected


It's similar to 2017's 30km route. However, an addition of Shahbandar 14 hills will be added to increase the distance to a near 30km mileage.

However, the cut-off time remains the same

Cut-off time is 8 hours from starting time.

Elevation profile, route details and description will be out by December 2017



This will include the distance from Jerudong Primary School to Berakas beach.

There will be buses to transport 10km finishers back to event venue at Jerudong Primary School

Cut-off time is 3 hours from starting time.

Challenger in each category will receive a FREE Event shirt, a timing chip wristband & bib. 
Successful finishers will receive a finisher medal and shirt


More details on Race day will be available on early February 2018

Frequently asked questions (updated 21st February 2018)

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