The classic Beach Bunch's Trail Challenge is now back for its 4th edition.

Not only will this race be part of the continuation of the Asia Trail Master series for the 3rd consecutive year, it has also now been officiated as part of the Pre-Qualifying Points required for Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB) under the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) for the 100km and 50km! We are both proud of this and aim to deliver this race according to international standards.
Registration is now open, please have a look at the details below!
A 30km category is also available for novice and intermediate trail runners to take part in the excitement of the Beach Bunch Trail Challenge!

A 10km FUN category is now added for the true beginner!

Registration fees are as follow:

  • 10km at BND35

  • 30km at BND65

  • 50km at BND100

  • 100km at BND130

UPDATES on 19th March

  • Provisional Results can be found here

  • Race Guide is now available for viewing at here

  • Starting List are now available here

  • 2017's BBTC Results can be found here

Important Dates
BBTC2018 100km Route Stats
BBTC2018 100km Services
100km Route Corrected
50km Route Corrected


It's similar to 2017's 30km route. However, an addition of Shahbandar 14 hills will be added to increase the distance to a near 30km mileage.

However, the cut-off time remains the same

Cut-off time is 8 hours from starting time.

Elevation profile, route details and description will be out by December 2017



This will include the distance from Jerudong Primary School to Berakas beach.

There will be buses to transport 10km finishers back to event venue at Jerudong Primary School

Cut-off time is 3 hours from starting time.

Mandatory Kit Requirements
Challenger's Entitlements

Challenger in each category will receive a FREE Event shirt, a timing chip wristband & bib. 
Successful finishers will receive a finisher medal and shirt

BBTC2018 Event
BBTC2018 Event
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BBTC2018 30km
BBTC2018 30km
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BBTC2018 10km
BBTC2018 10km
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BBTC2018 50km
BBTC2018 50km
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BBTC2018 100km
BBTC2018 100km
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Finisher Medals 2
Finisher Medals 2
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BBTC2018 100km Finisher Buckle_edited
BBTC2018 100km Finisher Buckle_edited
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Race Schedule

More details on Race day will be available on early February 2018


Frequently asked questions (updated 21st February 2018)


What will the weather conditions be like on the event day?

Be expecting HOT temperatures of 33C with HIGH humidity of 85% to 100%! Be prepared with your mandatory kit and self- sufficiency! Please read about Brunei's weather here.

How's the trail for this race?

In general, all 4 trails are considered are of fairly elevated terrain; with the highest at less than 3,000m elevation gain for the 100km compared to other competitive trails which generally reach more than few thousand meters’ elevation gain. More than 75% of the route is trail, including jungle, gravel, clay and sand with a dash of water. The first half of the trail will consist of jungle and hills whereas the second half will be on sandy beaches, whereas the 30km is purely road and beach. More details at the Route Section

Where does the Event START?

Jerudong Primary School on Jerudong Road

Where does the Event FINISH?

Jerudong Primary School on Jerudong Road except the 10km where it finishes at Berakas Beach

Is there food on the race course for this Event?

There are fruits and noodles at designated trail stations.

Will the race course be marked?


Will we need to wade across rivers or swim across rivers during the race?

At high tide, you may have to cross one small river stream towards the Berakas beach and also at Bukit Silar

Are there toilets throughout the route?

Yes, toilets are located at Tungku beach, starting/ finishing point, Bukit Shahbandar Reserve Park, Agro Park and Berakas Forest Reserve Park. There will be NO toiletes provided at Jerudong Sub-station

Is there intermediate Cut-off time for all the categories?

Yes, check the details at the Route Section.

Are there any meals for any of the categories?

Yes, Meals are provided at the finishing line for all categories. A meal is provided for 100km only at the entrance of the Agro Park on the 60km mark.

Entry Details

Where should I stay pre-race for the event?

We are offering 2 hotel package for this event, Starlodge Jerudong and Parkview Jerudong. There are 4 hotels which are closed by on Jerudong Road

Are there accommodations at the START venue?

No. However, there are 4 nearby hotels from it. We have a special deal for ParkView and Starlodge hotel. Enquiry us for the special rates

Where is the official registration desk for the event?

We will announce if there is to be one.

Do the organizers provide accommodation before the event or do I need to do my own bookings?

We are offering 2 hotel package for this event; Starlodge Jerudong and Parkview Jerudong. There are 4 hotels nearby on Jerudong Road

I am running the event for charity or am raising money for a charity. May I wear a t-shirt to identify myself to other competitors so they know what charity I am supporting and to promote the charity I am supporting?

Yes, you may.

Do I need a medical certificate or a medical fitness of health in order to participate in the event?

No but a challenger is expected to be aware of their own health conditions prior to the event.

I may not be able to make it to the event. Can I request for a refund?

All challengers are given 14 days from the date of payment of their race entries to request to withdraw from the race with a full refund if they opt not to proceed for any reason. Once registration is closed, NO refunds are entertained.

I had registered for the event more than 1 week ago but have noticed my name missing from the online registration page. Why?

Please email us and pass us your full name and registration reference number and we'll investigate further.

Is there an offline payment through cash or cash deposit machine or cheque?

There is no offline payment option for this event.

When is the deadline for registration?

Please refer to the schedule

Is there any hashtag I can use to promote your event?

Yes. It is #beachbunch, #beachbunchbrunei and #bbtc2018

How should I be wearing my race bib?

Your race bib must be visible at all times on the outside of your clothing and on the front of your body over your belly or chest. It must not be worn on your pants or leg. Do not cover over your race number with any backpack strap or article of clothing such as waterproof jacket or high-visibility vest. You must not fold, cut or change your race bib in any way. It must be worn as is, unfolded.


Is there a bus service organized by the organizers to get to the START for the morning of the Event?


Is there an official briefing for challengers of the Event?

Yes, for only 100km participants.

Is there a drop bag option for the event during the race and after the race?

Yes, for only 100km participants.

Is there a finisher drop bag for the event after the race?

Yes, for all categories. We’ll announce once the event guide is out.

What happens if I withdraw during the event?

If you withdraw during the event for whatsoever reasons, you are classified as a DNF or Did Not Finish and will not earn the finisher package. If you withdraw from the event, you must sign the withdrawal form at the closest trail station (unless assisted from the course by a Medical Team).

Who gets a finisher’s medal and shirt?

Challengers who have completed the challenge within the cut-off time and abided to the rules of the race.

May I utilize a music player with headphones during the race?

Yes, you may but be cautious with the environment around you especially on the road with incoming vehicle traffic.

If I am unwell, what should I do during the race?

Ultimately, you are responsible for your own success or failure in this event.

My friends wish to follow me on the race course and to take photographs and to give me moral support. Can they follow the official vehicles or drive themselves on the race course? Can they provide food and drink and other energy drinks to me on the race course?

Yes, for 50km and 100km only. We’ll be providing an area for support crew allocation at 2 designated locations.

I successfully finished the event, how many points do I get from the Asia Trail Master Series?

All successful finishers will accumulate points under the Asia Trail Master Series. For the 42km category, challengers will score 100 points, plus x number of 'performance points' starting from 400. For the 21km category, all challengers will score 21 points, plus x number of 'performance points' starting from 200. More detailed information of the points system can be found at Asia Trail Master's website

Are the finisher shirts and medals for sale after the event?

Any unclaimed finisher shirts and medals are given to Anabelle doll for safekeeping. Simply put, NO.

I DNFéd at one of the station, is organizer providing transport to the finishing venue?

Yes, we’ll be providing vans to transport DNFéd runners bac to the finishing venue

Mandatory Gear

What is the minimum requirement for the amount of drinking water between check points for this race?

The minimum is the ability to carry up to 1.5L of drinking water either via hydration bladders or waist pouch's with bottles or a combination of a hydration bladder and bottles.

Is there a mandatory kit check before the event?

Yes, on the collection of the race bib and random checks on the event day.

Am I allowed to utilize trekking poles?

Yes, you may.

Should I bring my mobile phone with me in case of an emergency?

It is part of the mandatory kit.

I don't have a hydration bladder or camelback. Can I compete in the event by carrying water bottles attached to my waist pouch instead?

The minimum is the ability to carry up to 1.5L of drinking water either via hydration bladders or waist pouch's with bottles or a combination of a hydration bladder and bottles.

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